Idrottsdag på Kärsögården
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What Kärsögården offers

The center houses conference rooms both inside and out for large and small groups. The facility has 130 beds and besides summer camps stands to host multi-day courses and conferences primarily in the nonprofit sector.

Kärsögårdens kitchen is certified by KRAV (an organisation who promotes organic standards in Sweden) and we offer both half and full board for our overnight groups. We have long experience in catering and events and special dietary needs and caters weddings as well as summer camp participants.

Kärsögården also conduct open activities aimed at the general public. As an individual, you are then welcome to use our water front, green spaces and activity plans. Our summer cafe is open during the summer months (June-August). If you come as a group (association, company, class, family gathering etc) and want to implement some kind of arrangement you must make reservations.
Find out more about our KRAV certification.