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Being a YMCA center thera are a number of activities which can be enjoyed at Kärsögården. We have teambuilding excercises, sports activities and games. You can go canoeing or challenge yourself and your friends on our low ropes course.
Disc golf (Frisbee) is a sport played with a disc (frisbee).
The PURPOSE is to play a track from beginning to end with as few throws as possible. The player with the least number of throws wins the game.
Kärsögårdens Frisbee golf course is Sweden's first and playing is free of charge. Discs are available for rent at the café during summer months.

A variation of volleyball played on sand.
Beach volleyball is a sport that suits both young and old, and it is fun and rewarding regardless of level. Kärsögården has six beach volleyball courts open for play.

For those of you who think it's fun to compete, we have a partnership with Bromma Volleyboll wich also organize contests for players of all levels all year round, both indoors and outdoors.

Canoeing is an accessible and safe option when you want to go out on the water.
Fun, hands-on activity or a longer excursion. The waters surrounding Kärsön are well suited for canoeing and there are many "landing places" around the islands for picnics or hikes. The canoes are widely used by mainly our overnight groups and all the different summercamps and daytrips organized during the summer.
Basketball is a traditional YMCA sport.
Kärsögården has two full-size outdoor basketball courts, located in a different and inviting environment.

The basketball courts are used extensively in our various activities. Basketball camps are regularly hosted during weekends and in the summer months.

For schools that bring all their pupils out on a sports day the courts are a blessing. Though make sure you make reservations in time - the basketball courts are often reserved for major sports days and similar events, often 4-6 months in advance.

Days when the courts are not reserved the centers visitors are welcome to use them.

Kärsögårdens swimming area is popular to both large and small.
Nice atmosphere and good coffee in the café. Family- and child-friendly as there is alcohol and barbecue ban on the site. Small children have every opportunity to swim safely and securely inside the jetties that form a protective U. The possibility of combining with beach volleyball or a round at the frisbee golf course is perfect. Pack your swimsuit and take a trip to Kärsögårdens swimming area in the summer!