Kärsögården and the YMCA

The YMCA has a basic philosophy: We believe that all people, especially young people, are in need of physical activity, increased knowledge and time for reflection in order to develop and feel good.

Kärsögården is run by the NGO YMCA Kärsö whose main purpose is to ensure children and youth programs a meeting place at Kärsögården where they can thrive. We want to assume a holistic view of man and aim to meet young people's current needs.

The important thing is not what we do, but the how and the why. This is why all possible activities and groups visit Kärsögården. We cater for conference groups, school camps, class trips, overnightcamps, daycamps, summer camps and youth events of all kinds.

The center has been run by the YMCA for nearly 100 years. With a firm belief that group interaction and performance is enhanced by different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, belief, age, gender or political opinions, we look towards the future with confidence.

Making memories and impacts that last a lifetime.